The Brink refers to the moments in life where either success or failure may follow. Meet your moments with no fear.

The Brink Improv brings a new business model to Atlanta and the Southeast offering business solutions, including expertise in corporate training and team building, meetings and event services, live corporate entertainment and classes for professionals.

Atlanta, GA –January 13, 2015– The Brink Improv announces its new business services division featuring improv based training, team building, live entertainment and improv for business classes.  The Brink Improv brings a
unique business model to the Atlanta market taking the art of improvisation into companies teaching communication skills like listening, collaboration, change management, conflict resolution, creativity, storytelling, teamwork and various other soft skills that are critical to building success in work environments.

The Brink Improv business model is a unique alternative to a traditional professional development series by offering both business training to companies and ongoing classes for professionals of all disciplines and levels. Inspired by Chicago’s Second City Communications, The Brink Improv brings a brand to the Atlanta business world that doesn’t exist locally.

Kristy West is the Founder of The Brink Improv and brings more than 10 years of experience in Corporate Sales and Business Development, as well as 15 years improv performance and training in Atlanta.  “I spent many years
in various work environments watching dysfunction happen all around me, I know firsthand how a lack of communication can hurt a team’s success,” West explains.

This model has proved to be extremely successful in other markets like Chicago, New York and Toronto.  West explains, “I saw a need for a company that could bridge the gap between business and the arts.  It’s working very
well in other places, and we have everything we need right here in Atlanta.  With a passion for the art of improvisation and how it aligns so well with teaching companies how to communicate better at work, I knew I could do this. Companies like Twitter, 3M, Google and Pixar have all embraced improvisational cultures and have been very vocal and public about it.  It must be working.”

Along with business solutions, The Brink Improv offers live corporate entertainment and has recently added ongoing classes for professionals like  BizProv 101.  It runs for 6 weeks and is an on-going offering. West
stated, “When we go into a company to do an Improv workshop or teambuilding session, there’s a good chance that people want more. I get asked a lot by professionals for personal training because their company cannot offer this type of thing.”  BizProv 101 was created to offer more training and professional development using the skills of improvisation.