Biz Prov 101

$159/6 week session (12 hours total)

Business Professionals! Would you like to increase your soft skills training? Have you been reading articles in Forbes about why improv is so important for business training? Improvisation is not simply about being funny. It’s about heightened communication and a focus on how to react in the moments that truly matter. Improv and comedy are not synonymous. Improv skills can be used in life and work to create smarter ways to communicate. In this 6 week series we will cover these concepts:

● Better Listening
● The Yes, And Philosophy
● Smarter Ways to Communicate
● Building Trust and Connecting with Others
● Confidence and Presentational Skills
● Dealing with Conflict and Failure

The same skills that improv actors use on stage are the same skills you need in business to be successful and happy. There is a huge gap in soft skills training in the workplace. Fill the gap and watch yourself reap the benefits at work and in life. Classes starting every month. Sign up for our next session or hold a spot for a future session.

Our classes run on Sundays from 2-4pm.

Sign up for session beginning Feb 1st-March 8th

Sign up for session beginning March 15th-April 12th