The Brink refers to the moments in life where either success or failure may follow. Meet your moments with no fear.

“Unique, thought-provoking, engaging experience that surprisingly offers insights anyone can and should leverage in the workplace.”

-Isabelle Helms, AutoTrader Group

We provide improv based training for all verticals and disciplines.  Our approach is to assess your needs as a team or organization and develop a training module to achieve your goals.  The same skills that improv actors use to create magic on stage are the same skills used in business to be more successful.  Our training focuses on soft skills such as listening, thinking on your feet, building trust, empathy, creativity and communicating on a higher level. These skills are the most critical skills you can have in business today, but the first thing companies forget to include in traditional training. We produce training that is fun, memorable, and highly interactive.  We customize our content to meet the specific dynamic, roles and functions of the team.

We have created unique training modules for, but not limited to:

● Sales
● Customer Service
● Leadership
● Project Managers
● IT
● Product/Brand Development
● Lawyers
● Hospitality Professionals
● Education

“This is probably one of the most useful and “sticky” trainings I’ve had. It combined fun, concentration, feeling vulnerable and self-reflection all in one. The ladies from The Brink Improv were simply amazing. There was not one dull moment, they kept us excited, curious and engaged the entire time. The way they related the exercises to corporate application was very clever and not in your face. It resonates and stays with us much better than a boring PowerPoint
presentation with bullets that don’t have staying power. What I liked the most was that we all got outside of our comfort zone and were comfortable with being uncomfortable AS A TEAM.  This made us feel closer to each other, understand each other better and realize that we’re all humans with emotions and not just corporate robots.”

-Dani Tsoncheva, Research Manager Cox Automotive