The Brink refers to the moments in life where either success or failure may follow. Meet your moments with no fear.

Nothing brings people together better than laughter. Today’s workplace can be brutal. There
is competition, lack of listening, lack of overall communication and everyone is looking out for
themselves. We develop team building programs for companies where people work in groups
and as a whole practicing vulnerability, listening, working as a team and getting each other’s
back. It’s fun and rewarding for everyone. One of the best parts of our business is bonding
teams together, helping them find their strengths and experiencing a transformation happen
before our eyes. When your team is connected and getting each other’s back, everyone is more
successful and happy. The perks of improv based team building are invaluable. Happy people
are more productive and are likely to stick around a lot longer.

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“In regards to the team building event, I can’t say enough how much my team and I enjoyed it. We found it fun and relevant, the activities helped us connect more and communicate in a creative way. The team felt that the activities reinforced the skills that we use as trainers, The Brink Improv team were engaging and personable. One team member said “ the activities were engaging and provoked insightful conversation about our brainstorming process.” Our team was “injected” with positive energy. We would be happy to use your services again!”

-Pauline McKenzie-Day | M.S.,L.P.C
Training Director/Training Specialist at Georgia State University

We have executed team building sessions for teams of 25 up to 200. Our approach is to
uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your group and focus on the concepts that your team
needs the most. We can be embedded into an annual conference, peppered into an event or
featured as an icebreaker. You can pretty much put us anywhere. Throw a wrench in our plans,
we will still get the job done.

“The ladies at The Brink Improv were outstanding; they came highly recommended and outperformed our expectations. Kristi and Amanda seamlessly wove humor and business to coax our attendees into participating in the exercises. Our attendees left with a better understanding of how to roll gracefully with the punches of unexpected circumstances in business. I would totally recommend them and am looking into ways to have them back at a future CURT event.”

-GREGORY PALMER | Director of Conferences
Construction Users Roundtable